Monday, February 07, 2011

Danielson PBMB2 Medium Boundary Array - Lift Centered Circa 1400 Hz

This PBMB2 above is where my search for an array with increased "reach" for recording distant sounds in expansive quiet settings has settled for a while.  In Fall 2010, I made 6 arrays with different size and shaped boundaries. After I experimented with different boundary angles, baffle sizes and set-back distances and other variables, this array exhibited the best "reach" performance in diffuse field (distant micing) applications. I'm inclined to think the boundary effect "lift" centered around 1400 Hz and other traits we've learned to associate with SASS-like constructions are responsible.  In examining recordings that I and others have made with a variety of array type using omni mics, I began to notice that a lift or boost in this in the range was often beneficial largely by making the upper harmonnics of local sound reflections more audible.

The stereo imaging is very good, as-is, and it responds very well to tonal adjustments using M-S processing.

I have not gotten around to testing for a subtle "double-boundary" effect with these SASS-like arrays to incorporate the mild boundary effect that Paul Jacobson and I detected using high density foam and the corner placed capsules. The roles of setback distance and other baffle-related variables could very well lead to further refinements.

Here is a more detail plan for the array:

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