Saturday, October 28, 2006

Studio Stereo Localization Test- 3 Boundary & 1 X-Y Rig

4:03 QuickTime movie [10mb]

October 10, 2006
Mics: Primo EM158's & Rode NT-4

Four mic rigs were set-up in front of a 180 degree arc of five speakers as follows:

(1) Small Parallel Boundary with 6" spacing and foward-facing EM158 mic capsules similar in principle to this rig of Curt Olson.

(2) Pseudo SASS with two boundaries angled 110 dgrees, flush-mounted EM158 capsules at 6" spacing
similar in principle to this rig designed by Curt Olson.

(3) Double-boundary PZM fixture with 12" spacing of downward-firing EM158 capsules with 1/20" gap based on suggestion in Crown PZM Applications Guide pdf

(4) Rode NT-4 Single Point Cardiod X-Y array mic with -10dB attenuation pad defeated in the cable.

NH700 Manual Record Level: Hi Sens "15." No changes in the recordings were made. Rob D

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