Monday, December 18, 2006

Holly Moore: A Few of My Favorite Things


The localization exhibited in the parallel boundary rig is crisp and distinct. When compared to other rigs and positions in the same test, such as position 3 using a front-facing rig with 21" spread and baffle, this one clearly illustrates where the sounds are projected from. It is extremely difficult to distinguish the directional value of the sounds with the baffle in the third position. The 8,9,3,4 positions clearly reveal the area in which they are coming. The distinct reverberations of the dings clarify their position in the space while positions 10,11,12,1,2 highlight the clarity of the EM158 mics without clearly distinguishing the direction in which the sounds are coming.

The difference in depth between the 8,9,3,4 positions compared to the 10,11,12,1,2 positions is great. When used on a parallel boundary rig, these mics impressively exemplify depth within the space. This rig differenciates the closeness of positions 10,11,12,1,2 to the distance of positions 8,9,3,4 much more than the second rig I chose, the pseudo SASS flush mounted with the same 3" inset. The depth is not greater than the triple boundary rigs such as the 6" separated triple boundary rig at position 11.

The architechtural value of this rig is not as great as my other two picks. There is a small amount of displace in the sounds, but it fails to clearly differentiate the open space used to test the rigs.


I found the pseudo SASS in the first position to be incredibly clear and crisp with every ding in each direction. This clarity, however, becomes problematic when judging its localization because the sounds tend to overlap in all positions making it difficult to differentiate the direction in which the ding is coming. Each ding appears very close to the position of the rig, causing problems with depth as well. There is greater depth between positions 11 and 1-4, however. The offset of the positioning highlights the architechtural value of the space.

The pseudo SASS offers great architectural value to the open space in which this test took place. The echo provided with the greater distance of the dings in the latter positions sheds light on the proximity of the walls according to the first position of the rig. The tapering off of the dings is a great effect for spacial recording.


This rig and EM158 mics, boundary 160 degree rear facing with 2.5" inset and 11" separation, was not my initial pick, but grew on me upon further listening. I came to the conclusion that this rig highlights localization, depth and architectural value more than my other two picks. When comparing this with the other two, this set up promotes the area in which the dings are occurring while pronouncing spacial value with its greater depth. There is a minute echo at each position, which exposes the warehouse space used. The area is slightly flattened by the other rig set ups while the direction of the dings is less obvious than the fourth position boundary rig.

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us said...

Hi Holly--

I blind tested the three files hopeful that I would be able to pick-up on the tale tell signs between the three rigs: (1) The softer, warmer 12 o-clock strike with Josh's Anti-Wedge rig. (2) The brighter front of the Parallel Boundary rig and (3) The louder 10 and 2 o-clock strikes and flatter, more compressed front of the Pseudo SASS.

I ran through the tests many times and couldn't even pick one rig out definitively. I think there could be too many differences in the strikes in the three different performances for me to be able to sort out those anomalies and hear the rig qualities distinctly. When I finally forced my self to guess, I got all three mixed up. To me this suggests that all three rigs create a stereo field that have more qualities that are alike than unalike.

I agree that the em158 has a crispness in the Parallel boundary fixture. We'll see what Josh's reports, but I suspect the capsule loses some of this edge in his "Anti-Wedge" fixture

I'm not sure what you mean by "architectural value," but I'm having a hard time hearing big differences in the shape of the room as portrayed by the rigs as a whole. Maybe I've just heard that strike echo too many times over the last few weeks.

Thanks for sharing your impressions and helping us all not feel so bad all semester long. Rob D.