Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mike Jorgenson's favorites

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Mike Jorgenson
So after going through the sound tests I have found 4 favorite recordings actually. They are test 3, station 1, test 8, station 3, test 10, station 2 and 11. I found that all of these tests had good localization to my ear with about equal spacing (distance-wise) between strikes. However, I found that the test3-01 rig had a much better sense of the depth of the space than the other three, followed next by test8-03 and then followed equally by test10-02 and test10-11. In fact to my ear the last two mentioned have very little depth to them and it is hard to tell what kind of space you are in. This first movie is the 2 o'clock position strike of these tests so that you can compare the distance they are felt to be at. However, despite their depth problems they also had good clear sounds, better so than the test3-01 rig and the test8-03 rig. Test3-01 tended to blend in more with the background noise, followed by test08-03 and then about equally with the remaining two. This second movie is the 12 o'clock position of each test, the one I figured would come through the clearest on each rig. Through this test you can also tell the different noise ratios of the rigs, although this could be a result of equalizing the levels. However it would seem that test03-01 has the lowest noise level, followed by test08-03 and then the remaining two about equally. However, because of all these factors I would say that test3-01 has the best sense of the architecture and is in general my favorite. To me localization and depth plays most importantly followed closely by quality. I've thrown up some pictures of the rigs for reference. Unfortunately the file of the complete tests compared to each other is about 20 mb so I don't have that up here.

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us said...

In your first comparison movie with only strikes at 12 o-clock, the increased low-end response and noise of the ORTF rig (with Sound Projects C4 mics) is the first thing to jump out at me. My ability to read the size and and dimensions of the barn is pretty similar in all of the rigs based on just the 12 o-clock strikes back to back.

I get the same impression with your second comparison movie comprised of just 2 o'clock strikes-- there's not enough info/differences to discern them with confidence.

Given the fact that the four rigs you have selected as "best" are so different in design, this itself, is remarkable. They are:

Triple Boundary; PZM pick-ups 21" spread housing on floor (T7-11)

Side Facing Omni's with 21" spread and Large Baffle (T3-01)

ORTF Cardioid Capsules 12"spread; No Baffle (T10-2)

Double Boundary; PZM pick-ups 21" spread housing; On floor (T8-3)

It will be interesting to see/hear if your onservation bears out as I go through the other comparison movies, responses and summaries. It would have been useful to hear all clock positions. 20 mb is not too large to post. Rob D.