Saturday, December 23, 2006

Mining the Pieper Barn Audio Test Files (Jose Montoto)

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us said...

Hi Jose--

I asked Ryan about the endless write mode problem we experienced with the NH900 Hi-MD recorder that failed you and he said that he's had two of the 65, two+ year old nh900's do this now and also one of the newer (120+ total) nh700's. So this appears to be our most common failure to date (few as they have been).

I'm very sorry about the failure because I agree with you that small boundary mic could be a fun and effective rig to use-- origami approach included. Nice design.

As for the seeing whether we could get around the different volumes of the strikes by cutting off the attacks, I'm sorry that I did not make it clearer that the material was to be refused. I'm glad you had the wisdom to proceed on the right course on your own.

Your edited sample,
seems almost like its almost mono to me? Any guess at what could be going on?

About all I can add to your observations about the multi-boundary rigs is that they can work very well at imaging with the 180 degree hemisphere we tested. The drop-off behind 3 and 9 is something I'd rather not have unless I'm recording a "stage" or similar frontal event.

Your little rig would allow the horizontal "back bone" to be broken and open-up to a wider field. Anna's triangles are directional, so we did nothing like you proposed. I found Andy 21" spread double boundary to image a little better than Anthony's when the former was in the air. Maybe its tall back was the reason.

In our Parallel Boundary rigs in which the capsules lay parallel to the boundary seem to get some gain from the boundary effect-- though not as much as the PZM pick-ups we fashioned with 2 or three boundaries. Curt has started experimenting with blocking off the backside of his anti-wedge rig, so there is a trend that is going towards using one boundary to block /reflect like a PZM and another to do Phase Coincident amplification-- though in more moderation which in keeping with your small scale emphasis.

Your report is clear and well written. Sorry about the technique/goal mix-up. Its been generally hard for people to make clear localization distinctions when the performance gets to the level of the Parallel Boundary rigs-- not the least of which is enduring those dern, harsh attacks for hours at a time! Rob D