Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Anna Krutzik's three favorites

This recording has a really nice full ring on the echo of the nails. It fills up the entire space, giving it lots of dimension. It makes it easy to hear/imagine how far away the nails are. There is also a decent amount of localization between the different dings.

What I like about this recording is that you really get a good sense of the entire building. You can hear traffic in the background and other noises giving it the sense that it's in an urban setting. I don't really listen to the dings so much as the other sounds that are captured on this recording.

This recording has very good localization throughout, but it's especially seperated between 1 through 4 probably because its location at test station number 4 makes it closer to that side of the "clock."


us said...

Hi Anna-

Interesting, very consistent answers given your emphasis on hearing the room more than the nail strikes. I also found that a shorter inset distance on the Parallel Boundary rig created a slightly better image of the room.

I agree that the nail strikes do get fatiguing! I wanted a softer percussive sound so we could use more recorder gain too. Halloween clickers were too harsh and loud, the smaller nails we had were too soft and the volume varied too much when I tried to strike the big nails softer. Another thing I learned with this test. Next time I'll try something like a 1/4" X 4-6" long bolts? Rob D.

Andrew Sampers said...

really great stuff here!!!